The Effectiveness of Swimming in Weight Loss

swimmers-79592_640Swimming is wonderful during the heat of summer, when a splash can help to cool down or for some enjoyment during a party. However, it is a fabulous method of shedding weight as well; toning your body and enhancing your cardio output at the same time.

Exercises done in a pool can be a very enjoyable method of burning calories over spans of time shorter than a typical workout. Compared to working out on the hard ground, water training is easier to sustain for some individuals due to the lack of impact. My gym here in The Woodlands has a 4-lane lap pool that is heated and cooled. My personal trainer recommended I swim a few laps after our training sessions to help my body recover but there are more benefits that this.

Swimming works also work the body in ways that traditional exercising cannot. Due to this, you could utilize it as your sole source of physical conditioning all through the entire year. Despite how old you are or how adept you are at swimming, you can still burn calories and improve body composition.

It is also possible to utilize swimming in a routine together with other exercises to reduce the effect that stress has on your body. A lot of pools are available throughout the year that are heated, allowing you to train even when the seasons are cooler.

Swimming as an Exercise for Cardiovascular

Swimming requires a constant reserve of oxygen for your body’s muscles to continue to function properly. This is compounded by the fact that you must hold your breath while taking strokes, thus improving your cardiovascular system’s use of oxygen.

Improvement in Core Strength by Swimming

Not only will taking a few laps around the pool build a nice set of abs, but swimming also utilizes many other muscles throughout the entire body. Swimming will do miracles for our core; however, it works the muscles in your arms and upper back as well as legs and hips. If you really want to improve the difficulty and lower body activation, you can use kick fins to increase the drag created by your legs.

In comparison to running, swimming is more effective in many ways due to:

• The simplicity of the movement

• The number of calories burned per hour

As we already mentioned, indoor pools that are heated are available in a lot of areas. As you exercise inside a heated pool, your muscles relax which improves blood flow and muscle tightness.

You can also incorporate swimming into your post-workout routine. Skip the Stairmaster and jump in the pool. The whole body effects of swimming are great for removing the lactic acid from your muscles.

Swimming Utilized for Cross Training and Physique

If you’re looking to achieve that lean and ripped look then once again, swimming may be helpful towards those goals. Check out the bodies on most competitive swimmers – they’re ridiculous!

When you include swimming alongside workouts targeted more for strength training, you will notice a synergistic metabolic effect. Strength training will improve muscle size and mass, which increases the amount of drag in the water requiring more calories to move the same distance.

Swimming for Recovery

One of the greatest benefits of swimming for strength training athletes is the enhanced recovery aspects. Improve blood flow, stretching and cooling of the muscles and the low impact relaxation are all reasons to incorporate a swimming program into your weekly fitness training.

Single Speed Bikes…The New Leg Workout?

action-71647_640So you are looking for a great way to blast your quads whilst also staying fit and healthy and most importantly; having fun.

One way to achieve massive muscles in your legs is to go to your gym as usual, get in position and squat like you have never squatted before. Squat like a madman and squat like you mean it and you will be rewarded with some beautiful looking legs.

However, if you are anything like me and get bored with the same old routine repeating week after week, you should try to mix up your workouts to add in a little bit of flavor.

So how do we go about this?

Well, cycling of course. More specifically, finding yourself one of the best single speed bikes under $500, jumping on, finding some horrible looking hills and start pedaling up them like your life depends on it!

Why single speed bikes I hear you ask?

Well that is a good question as this type of bike can be a bit obscure to those who are not in the know.

Basically a single speed bike is a bike that has just 1 gear and no shifters; a completely pure style of biking that began to gain traction in the USA as a new way to travel and is slowly taking over the world. OK so that is a slight exaggeration, but they are becoming really popular for a whole raft of reasons highlighted in this great infogrpahic about the 5 best things about single speed bikes.

They are really fun to use and you can use them to cycle into work as well as to create a new and interesting workout.

In fact if you really want to get full leg benefit out of your single speed bike, these are my recommendations:

  1. Invest in a single speed bike (do a bit of research and really get yourself a good one, you will be surprised at what you can get for the money).
  2. Have a gentle cycle about to get used to it and to warm up before the fun / hell begins.
  3. Scout out some monstrous looking hills.
  4. Pedal furiously to the top and roll back down to recover.
  5. Repeat until battery acid is pumping through your veins!

Honestly, this is a seriously good way to get an all around kind of workout that will not only make your legs bigger, but also improve your cardio whilst also increasing mass, having fun, getting some fresh air, getting away for your usual routine and also give you the kind of satisfaction that only someone who has cycled up and down a steep hill several times, can know!

Three High Intensity Fat Burning Workouts

The interval training portion of your workouts is essential for fat loss. Not just has examination demonstrated that long, moderate cardio doesn’t work that well for fat burning.

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Studies additionally show that short burst exercise works better to help you lose belly fat.


Unfortunately, trying to say the words “interval training.” Can terrify individuals, in addition to a few trainers make it unreasonably convoluted for individuals who have never done interval training before.


The considerable news is that sprints should be possible to everybody, even beginners, gave you’ve them exercise at the right level of intensity for their wellness level.

For the most part, I suggest individuals use the stationary bicycle for their interval training workout essentially because it’s easy to move between hard and easy and you don’t need to stress over tumbling off the treadmill or propelled sprinting. Additionally, you’ll require an additional warm-up with sprinting intervals.

In this case, I’m going to use the treadmill and I suggest doing you’re short blasted exercise promptly taking after your quality training. Be that as it may, in the event that you aren’t sufficiently fit, then you can do sprints or cardio training on you’re off days. Only make sure to have one entire day of rest. For your intervals, you’ll need to train three days in a week.

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Workout A



Begin with a five moment warm up, practicing at a somewhat harder than what you’d accomplish for a normal cardio pace. Case in point, in the event that you typically do 3.5 mph, then do 3.7 mph for 3 minutes.


This would be at a subjective 7/10 intensity level. So if your consistent cardio was at a 6/10, then consider that intensity and then go a tad bit higher. This will permit you to exercise harder than you typically would in the event that you went for 30 minutes in a row.


Following three minutes at a 7/10 intensity it’s critical to convey it down to a pleasant, easy 3/10 intensity for your recuperation. At this pace, you’ll stay for 2 minutes and it’ll permit you to work additional hard when you convey it moves down to the 7/10 intensity.


Do this for a sum of 3 aggregate intervals of hard and easy, considering one. Complete with a five moment cool down. This interval training workout will last somewhat more than 20 minutes.

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Workout B


interval-training-feature-image-300x256This interval training workout is somewhat more troublesome than workout A. Complete you’re warm up and then do 90 seconds at an 8/10 intensity. This would practically tire you out following 90 seconds at this pace. At that point take after with a 2-moment recuperation at a 3/10 intensity. Complete for a sum of 5-6 intervals, trailed by a five moment cool down, enduring an amount of 20-25 minutes.

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Workout C


This is a high-intensity cardio workout. To finish workout C, you’ll perform 20 minutes of straight cardio at a 6-6.5/10 intensity. So this would be something that tires you out following 20 minutes and something you couldn’t accomplish for 25 minutes. Once more, start with a five moment warm-up, 20 minutes of cardio. Take after that with 5 minutes of cool down.


Do each of those workouts once per week toward the end of your resistance training workouts and you’ll burn fat fast.


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